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Stop Working Out the Same Body Part so Much!

If you are new to weightlifting or had maybe listened to some of the wrong people, you’re one of those people that are working out the same body part constantly. This might seem like a great thing to do at first but soon as you will notice along with the major muscle pain you’ll probably always have, that you will not see results as fast as if you do a split. Split training is what you do to make sure that you are properly training all parts of your body.

For example, some splits are set up to where they have chest and back one day, triceps and biceps the next day, and then shoulders and legs. However, this is just one example of the many different splits that you can use. Some people find that doing an entire day devoted to arms were you split up your bicep and tricep workouts can be too much. However, I personally use it as I feel that doing chest and triceps on the same day does not work well for me.

The main problem I have with this is that my triceps become too sore after doing big chest lifts like the bench press. Usually after that, I began to notice that my tricep lift numbers were going down rapidly.  I could see some people having success with this method of lifting weights but I felt that it just was not for me.

I usually do shoulders and legs on one day because that way it is sort of an easier day for me overall. You might see some people train one body part relentlessly and see results, which can happen. But they could be growing their muscles at a much faster rate if they were not so stubborn and used a split routine throughout the week.

The most common split is usually chest and biceps one day, triceps and back the next day, and then shoulders and legs the third day.  If you are trying to cut weight or lose body fat you want to remember that some cardio may be thrown into these days as well.

Another thing that is great about a split routine as you’re not always left having one body part sore all the time instead you kind of split up the work load between all areas of muscles of your body. Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

When to do Cardio: Before or After Weight Training?

This is the age old question the most weightlifters will ask themselves throughout their training routine. For me, I do not usually do cardio very much but when I do I usually do it after my training. The way I look at it is that my body is going to be taxed and exhausted by the time I finished lifting weights and this way with the cardio I can just run on a machine.

Even though both options can be exhausting, I do usually find cardio to be less intensive since I am staying in one spot and I’m not exerting myself with any weights. However, some people do wish to do their cardio before, for reasons of their own. Some feel that the cardio is a good way to get the body and a fat burning state before they hit the weights. I would not argue this but for me it’s a matter of personal preference.

In the past, I have tried to do cardio before I weightlifting session but every time I would try it I would usually gas myself out during the weights and have to cut the entire workout short. Another issue that I suffered with was taking my pre-workout supplement before I did my cardio. I thought it would have enough energy to last throughout the cardio session and the weightlifting session, but I was proven wrong.  The bad part of this was that the caffeine wore off midway through my cardio session and, having a high caffeine tolerance I was nearly exhausted before I had even picked up a single weight.

The most important way to find out which type of person you are regarding cardio and weightlifting together is to simply try it for yourself. I would recommend starting small, if you haven’t done cardio before. You do not want to be the person that is on the treadmill and plans to be on there for 30 minutes to find yourself covered in sweat and exhausted and five. Please remember to take your time and take baby steps if you’re starting cardio for the first time.

Some people enjoy stretching after a good cardio workout. As we have learned recently, stretching can actually lead to greater injury risk when lifting weights so remember to go easy on the stretching and only do a little if you must before weightlifting. Although cardio and weightlifting, when combined, I can give you the body that you want twice is quick, remember that you were also doing twice as much work in a shorter amount of time then you would by just weightlifting.

Be sure to take breaks if you need it, drink plenty of water, and don’t go too crazy on the cardio before or after weightlifting session.

We want to know where our readers stand on the issue, so please leave a comment below stating your preference as far as cardio and weightlifting go together.