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Advice on Lifting Weights After Being Injured

Although this is not something that will happen to everyone, we all must be prepared if an injury should occur. Again, I hope that this is something that you never have to go through, but if you do, you need to know the best methods to take when you want to go back to lifting. What needs to make up your recovery process will all depend on what kind of injury you are suffering from. Since any number of injuries could occur, I want to present some information that can be used as a guideline, no matter what type of ailment you might end up having.

The first thing that you have to remember is to take baby steps to your new goals. Your body could have been injured, as a result of a work rate that is too high. When you are able to have physical activity happen in your life again, be sure that you don’t fall back into the old trap of exhausting your muscles as much. It is perfectly fine to want to have a good workout but don’t push your luck. As always, if you feel any kind of lingering soreness, stop working out. It is ironic that someone who tries, against better judgement, to get stronger when they end up being sidelined because they accidentally hurt themselves! You will always need to start with lower weight than you were using when you got injured in the first place. You will have lost some muscle during the recovery time, how much determines the severity of the injury.

Secondly, if you know during what exercise that caused the injury, you should serious give thought to avoiding that exercise for a while. If it is something that you can not substitute with another exercise, really work on proper form. That might not be what injured you the first time around, but it could get you when you start back up. It isn’t unheard of for someone to bring someone with them, when they first start back up with exercising.

Getting injured and having to rehabilitate yourself is never a fun process. During this time, try not to get down on yourself over it. It is human nature that people are going to dwell on what turned out bad for them, don’t let this be you. You will have enough work coming up when you get back to the spot you were in before you had an injury, why work extra on feelings that will only make you sad? Maintain a positive attitude, I am a big believer that more stress will always slow down your recovery time.

Another realization that you have come to, is you will be forced to take some time off from exercise altogether. Don’t let this freak you out, there is nothing wrong with having to be on the sidelines for a set amount of time. Instead, use this time to take up a hobby, complete something you have been putting off, you have so many options here. One time when I was injured, I took that time spent laying down and started reading some books that I had, but never actually took the time to read. I was really wanting to be sweating in the gym, but things happen and I enjoyed that time. This might be a weird opinion, but everything happens for a reason.

Are Supersets How You Should Be Lifting?

The sets mentioned in this video, are ones that oppose muscle groups. This might seem counterproductive, but it is actually one of the best ways to lift, if you don’t mind putting in the extra work. I think that this routine is such a great one, which is why I wanted to tell you all about it. To start this workout we have some dumbbell lat raises that go right into barbell shrugs. One of the important things to remember with supersets is that your rest time is going to be dramatically reduced. This is not a type of training that is for everybody, especially those who can not physically handle that much exercise with no break in between. However, for those of you who can, supersets should really become a part of your weekly workout plan. For the next superset in this video, the man starts on some leg lifts. As he switches from hamstring curls to leg extensions, this man is showing how you can do opposing muscle movements in this superset, to always keep the muscles guessing.

It is important to note that these supersets are better left for those who are wanting more muscle size versus strength. For the pure strength lifter, you will want to stick to something not involving supersets. Since the aim of these exercises are all about higher reps and no rest, a strength trainer would be better off with a workout plan that is almost the opposite of this one. I love the way that these exercises are used to maximize the muscle groups that are targeted. What I will do, when using supersets, is to shorten the overall time of how long I am going to be lifting. A non-superset workout might take me between 45 minutes to one hour. On superset days, I will only spend about 20 minutes, due to the intensity of the workout. I also want to mention that supersets are not something that you want to do all of the time. Yes, the results that you get with this type of workout is great but it would put far too much stress on your body and mind, if done constantly.

A good option here would be to use a program that combines the two sets into something that is manageable throughout the week. On days where you have more to do, use a superset to knock out that workout in record time. When you go to the gym and know you have some time to spend there, lose the supersets and try a workout that is longer but provides you with rest periods throughout.

The Importance of Rep Ranges and Results

When lifting weights, you have so many different options that it can be astounding. To the person who has never been a weightlifter, it sounds pretty simple. If you lift something that is heavy, you will grow muscle, which sounds simple, right? Sadly, this can be true, to a certain extent, but it gets much deeper. If you are someone who wants to get the body you want as fast as possible, you might want to keep reading. The question of how many reps I should be doing for the goals that I have was something that didn’t really click to me until much later on.
There are a couple of main rep ranges that people will use and I will go into more detail on them to help you figure out what you need to be doing.

  • Hypertrophy – This is something that can only be achieved by lifting higher reps with lower weights. If you have attained hypertrophy, you will start seeing that your muscles will be getting bigger. Now, there is a downside to this, as you will see your strength not increase the same way. Usually, hypertrophy exercises are those that are best performed by using dumbbells over the big full body lifts. If you are tired of looking at how small your muscles might appear, you will really want to consider adding in some hypertrophy lifts into your workouts. hypertrophy lifting method
  • Lifting for Pure Strength Alone – Have you ever noticed that strongmen and bodybuilders look so different from each other, when compared? This is because those strongmen (think strongman competitions on television) are people who opt for a training program that focuses more on strength than the previously mentioned hypertrophy routines. If you want to show off how strong you are and don’t really care how big you look, I would say that you would be someone who is going to keep your rep ranges lower. When training solely for strength, you are going to want to lift a weight that you could do only about 5 reps of.
  • A Mixture of Strength and Hypertrophy
    If you are serious about wanting to train and can’t decide which option is most important to you, the third and final option might just be the best. By mixing both strength and muscle growth training, you will be able to watch yourself get stronger while also looking bulkier. This will not be the easiest option but it is one that you might want to try if you want the best progress that you can possibly have. You will need to combine full body lifts with those that are used to just target one muscle group. Pair this kind of routine with a full-body split and get ready to grow! For your full body lifts, keep the rep range nice and low and increase the reps when you are targeting a specific set of muscles.

Finally, be sure that you are switching up what kinds of lifts that you are doing. By doing this, you are always keeping your muscles guessing as to what is going to happen next. When muscles are confused, they resort to using different parts of the muscle itself, in order to better help you out while lifting! The more confused your muscles are, the less confused you will be about why you aren’t looking the way that you want to!

Why Being Fit Can Be Contagious (In A Good Way)

This may sound a little strange, but I have found, that getting into shape can be a good thing. When I first started lifting weights, I was not sure how people that I knew would react. I didn’t expect anything bad to happen as a result of it, I just didn’t know what to expect from people. There was actually some good news here because I found that the work that I was putting in was getting other people motivated. One of my really good friends at the time was struggling with some weight issues. After he noticed the leap of faith that I made to start changing the way I look, he was on board with doing it for himself. It wasn’t before too long that I found that I had a new friend to go and workout with. Long gone were the days that I would end up going by myself and working out around a bunch of strangers. It would seem that my good luck was increasing because having a buddy with me in the gym really helped my results. I was able to cheer on my friend and he would be able to do the same. From there, we were even able to start our own little group.

I was amazed at how much better my friend had felt to really make this change in his life. He actually confided to me that he would have never have taken these steps to change everything for the better, if he hadn’t saw the way that I looked! I was taken aback at this compliment and it really put things into perspective for me because I would have never known about the way that I had positively impacted my friend’s life! As I really began to get into really good shape, even some family members were starting to follow suit, I could not believe it. My father, who had always been a little bit on the bigger side had now gotten a home gym setup for himself. Although, my dad is someone that keeps things to himself, I had a pretty good idea as to why he had gotten started losing weight. So, from there, I had already gotten two different people in my life to take control of their lives.

Seeing all of these positive things happening right before my very eyes taught me an important lesson: your actions that you choose to make can have some really impacting consequences. I don’t mean this in a bad way because seeing how people around me were getting fit really brought things home for me. By doing nothing but what I had already planned on doing, I was now seeing two very important people in my life taking actions that would keep them around for much longer, how awesome is that? I wanted to take a second and let you all know what was going on so that, if you are not sure about it, this could be the thing that makes you take action. You never know the lives that you are changing by doing the things that you do every single day. Appreciate every single opportunity that you have to hit the gym, you might not ever know how much of a role model you are for someone in your life.