Advice on Lifting Weights After Being Injured

Although this is not something that will happen to everyone, we all must be prepared if an injury should occur. Again, I hope that this is something that you never have to go through, but if you do, you need to know the best methods to take when you want to go back to lifting. What needs to make up your recovery process will all depend on what kind of injury you are suffering from. Since any number of injuries could occur, I want to present some information that can be used as a guideline, no matter what type of ailment you might end up having.

The first thing that you have to remember is to take baby steps to your new goals. Your body could have been injured, as a result of a work rate that is too high. When you are able to have physical activity happen in your life again, be sure that you don’t fall back into the old trap of exhausting your muscles as much. It is perfectly fine to want to have a good workout but don’t push your luck. As always, if you feel any kind of lingering soreness, stop working out. It is ironic that someone who tries, against better judgement, to get stronger when they end up being sidelined because they accidentally hurt themselves! You will always need to start with lower weight than you were using when you got injured in the first place. You will have lost some muscle during the recovery time, how much determines the severity of the injury.

Secondly, if you know during what exercise that caused the injury, you should serious give thought to avoiding that exercise for a while. If it is something that you can not substitute with another exercise, really work on proper form. That might not be what injured you the first time around, but it could get you when you start back up. It isn’t unheard of for someone to bring someone with them, when they first start back up with exercising.

Getting injured and having to rehabilitate yourself is never a fun process. During this time, try not to get down on yourself over it. It is human nature that people are going to dwell on what turned out bad for them, don’t let this be you. You will have enough work coming up when you get back to the spot you were in before you had an injury, why work extra on feelings that will only make you sad? Maintain a positive attitude, I am a big believer that more stress will always slow down your recovery time.

Another realization that you have come to, is you will be forced to take some time off from exercise altogether. Don’t let this freak you out, there is nothing wrong with having to be on the sidelines for a set amount of time. Instead, use this time to take up a hobby, complete something you have been putting off, you have so many options here. One time when I was injured, I took that time spent laying down and started reading some books that I had, but never actually took the time to read. I was really wanting to be sweating in the gym, but things happen and I enjoyed that time. This might be a weird opinion, but everything happens for a reason.

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