Avoiding Back Injuries while Weightlifting

Well, it happened. I had been on such a good streak of training safely that something had to have happened. As it turns out, last week was my time to pay the price. I was completing a really good bicep day. However, during this day, I was a little upset by something that had happened to me earlier in the morning. My game plan for this fateful bicep workout looked something like this:

Barbell Curls: 3-5 sets
Seated Machine Curls: 3 sets
Preacher Curls: 3-5 sets
Tricep Dumbbell Extensions with One Arm: 3 sets

I’m sure that this looks like a normal workout for most you. The really strong people out there will probably look at this as more of a warmup. However, this was the workout that I wanted to and did complete. I didn’t notice that anything had happened until that night. It was really scary, as the pain in the middle of my back felt way too close to my chest.

One thing you have to watch out for when weightlifting is a secret about soreness that most won’t tell you about. As I’ve learn first hand, soreness doesn’t have to happen while you are lifting. If you’ve pulled something while lifting, you might not know until later. I am not sure if I tore something that wasn’t that bad in the beginning.

All I know is that I went to turn my neck and felt a wave of back start in my pain. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I couldn’t tell if the tightness was in my chest or back. What I did know was that I started pacing around the kitchen and I could feel myself start to sweat. Thank goodness, I wasn’t having a heart attack like I had feared. What did happen was that my muscles were pulled from overexertion.

What I didn’t tell you yet about this recent fateful day was that I did something stupid. Being upset from something earlier, I wanted to let the weights know that I was feeling extra strong. Like an idiot, I loaded up heavier weight than what I was accustomed to.

It either happened during the barbell curls or the seated machine curls. I can’t say for sure but I know on the twp previously mentioned exercises, I went too far with weight levels. It has taken me about four full days to feel human again. The first two days were so bad that nothing would bring me comfort. I tried to contort myself in many ways, trying to find comfort that wouldn’t come until day three. Making matters worse, I still felt like I was in a good amount of pain and could barely turn my neck.

The best way to avoid nagging back pain before or after lifting is to know your limits. If you are training biceps, watch out for jerking your back. You might not think so but moving your back too far can be done, even while training an unrelated muscle group. When you complete pulling motions with your biceps that energy can be carried into the back muscles. If you are using too much motion, you can turn the way that your back will not like. If you’re anything like me, your back will be very angry that you moved it in an funny way and you will hurt.

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