ZUU is a Workout Like Nothing You’ve Tried

In a world that is filled with trends that are here one minute and gone the next, it’s tough to keep up with them all. However, one new way of getting into shape has been around since before you and I. This new style of workout is called ZUU and those who try it will be feeling a little like an animal. ZUU uses animal style movements to complete sets and it isn’t for the weak. This style of workout has been used to train some of the toughest people in the world. Military and police forces around the world use ZUU. People going to these classes will learn how to complete all sorts of movements. However, there really isn’t any equipment or fancy machinery you need for a ZUU class. You will primarily use pushing and pulling movements to complete these exercises.

The basis of these movements are actually moves that animals have used for thousands of years. One thing that people who go to ZUU classes will notice is that they are all about community. Teamwork is very important to the people who are all about ZUU. These classes aren’t meant to last for hours on end, most workouts only take about 30 minutes to complete. However, be prepared that you will be doing quite a lot during this half hour. The exercises in the ZUU program are to be repeated at a fast rate. There are not many breaks during a ZUU class but your team of caring workout warriors will be there to help you. Encouragement is another important benefit of attending a ZUU class. Too many workout classes are all about individual achievement when we should be celebrating everyone’s effort. I’m not saying everyone needs to get a ZUU participation trophy but you get the idea.

I hate going into a gym and feeling like everyone is competing with each other. I am all for having a competitive spirit but some people get too out of control with that kind of attitude. ZUU classes are rising in popularity and have began to be attempted by everybody. No longer is this way of getting fit sealed behind the doors of fighting teams. Now, it appears that everyone will get a chance to monkey arouifajosfijasfnd when this fitness class comes to their town, I couldn’t resist at least one cheesy pun. However, some are finding that they push themselves way too hard in the early rounds of this workout. You will want to ensure that you the pace you set is one you can keep. You don’t want to exhaust yourself in the first thirty seconds of your class, it will be embarrassing. Instead, try to set a pace that you can keep for about 20 minutes. It will take time to get used to the way of exercising that dates back to the animal kingdom.


There are actually many benefits to this style of exercising. One big advantage is that you don’t have to worry about injuries associated with heavy weights. Another perk is the general helpful and friendly attitude of who you will be exercising beside. No one wants to have to deal with a jerk in the gym. There are many new ZUU classes forming and it is very likely that one could be headed to your town very soon. However, you will have to check around with your local fitness facilities in order to obtain that information.

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