Getting Fit on the Farm: Who Needs a Gym Membership?

One woman’s recent fitness showing had everyone wondering how she did it. However, her training wasn’t the product of a gym membership. I’m not knocking going to a fancy gym, I love my time spent in nice facilities. However, it is nice to know that you don’t need to spend those membership dues if you really want to shape up. One common exercise technique that can be used is the tire. No, there aren’t the tires that you get replaced on your vehicle but rather much larger tires, like those seen on tractors. Although they are made of just rubber, these larger tractor tires can weigh quite a bit. Not only do these tires weigh a ton they are also quite large!

flipping wheels

There are many different exercises that can be performed with a large tire. One favorite lift to do with a tire is a deadlift. Much like you’ve seen with actual weights, you can do a tire deadlift by simply picking the tire up and setting it back down. Since a tire is shaped to have a large hole in the center of it, you’ll usually stand in the middle, think of it like a really big hula hoop.

One exercise that I’ve seen people do with a tire but never understood it was the sledgehammer against a tire. However, a buddy of mine recently told me why people are taking hammers to tires. The key is not to think of anything involving the tire, it’s not there for strength. The true exercise comes from repeatedly swinging a heavy sledgehammer. After hearing this exercise explained in such a clear way, it made way more sense to me. Another benefit of using a sledgehammer and tire in combination is that it is a great way to relive stress. Seriously, after a bad day at the office there is not a much better way to get out your anger than knocking around a tire with a sledgehammer. Considering that you are going to be swinging around a heavy object, be sure that no one is standing around you. In addition, ensure that you know the right position to stand in when swinging a sledgehammer. You don’t want such a heavy hammer to get away from you while you are swinging it. A sledgehammer that is coming down with every ounce of force you can muster isn’t an object you want crashing into your shins.

Another popular way to train with a large tire is to flip it. It might sound like a relatively simple task to flip a tire over but it really does require a lot of work. First, you’ve got to get yourself positioned under the tire and use your lower body strength to flip that tire over. You learn quickly just how much a large tractor tire can weigh when you are trying to turn it over, that’s for sure! However, after a day of flipping around a tire you will be amazed at how beneficial it is for your muscles.

Don’t just believe one woman’s inspirational story, there are many other people who have used the great outdoors as their gym. You may have heard of one notable case, he is kind of a big deal. This super athlete, better known as Brock Lesnar, has loved farm training. Currently, he lives in Canada but has been known all his life to love the outdoors to use as a training place. Many people have decided to change their minds about where you can train and are now opting for a strictly outdoors training session.

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