Studies Show Weight Training Can Lengthen Lives

rusted barbellThere has been some statistics that point to a big reason for weight lifting, your life! It has been shown that strength training is a big factor to living a longer life. Granted, those who were tested were already of old age but the results showed those who spent their spare time lifting were much less likely to pass away. Something to remember is that habits are best when they are started early. What better reason do you have to start changing your life now, than being able to live for a longer time? This should be something that puts every single excuse you have for being lazy to rest. I can attest to just how true these findings are due to how well my grandfather has aged. He took to fitness, at a later stage in his life, and now loves going to his local recreational center. My grandfather had to deal with a big tragedy in his life, I honestly think that his commitment to staying active has helped him immensely.

I find that the elderly can also form special bonds with those of the same age, who are also doing what they can to prolong their own life. Finding friendships as people age, can become harder to do. I sometimes go to that same rec center in the mornings, it is amazing to see so many of the elderly still finding that will to go out and exercise. It really speaks volumes to my own motivation when I am walking a track, alongside someone well into their sixties. I have bad days, just like everyone else, where I don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone start up an intense workout. Try this, the next time that you aren’t feeling like doing anything, visit a gym and see men and women who are decades older than you putting in the work.

The first time that I saw this, it was a real eye-opener. As you create muscle tissue, this helps you to maintain a better BMI. Unknown to many, as muscles develop, it takes more calories to keep those muscles sticking around. One of the biggest causes for health issues is always an excess of fat. This fat slows you down, leads to depression, and is just not good for you. If you are one of the older people who are hitting the gym, you probably have less fat which drastically lowers a bunch of potential health problems down the line. If you reading this and picturing old men trying to lift like a bodybuilder, this isn’t quite what they mean by strength training. Of course, muscle mass and the potential to build it decreases with age. Seniors who are starting any kind of exercise program should get a qualified opinion, to find out what works best for them. Regardless of what methods are chosen for the senior citizens to utilize, they will have to start small and make gradual improvements from there. What is crucial to remember is that there are actually patterns being formed that almost ensure that the elderly are able to live longer and happier lives. Since the older generations could have developed any number of specific bone issues, most will need a program that is customized to them. This is one drawback of starting training later on in life, having a weaker body leads to a life of previous nagging injuries. These injuries go from being light but can really be maximized under a heavy set of weights.

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