Great Amazon Prime Playlists for Exercising

Recently, I’ve been subscribed to the Prime service, to get items in only two days. Like it usually does with technology, it took me about three months to figure it all out. I have been loving the streaming service but I got to recently checkout Amazon Music and really liked it. Of course, the first thing that I did, once I had this app open, was to immediately see what workout playlists they had and I was very pleased. The next time that you load up that boring playlist that you’ve heard a million times, think about throwing one of these on!

1st Playlist – Workout Energy Boost
If you are a pop fan, I highly suggest checking out this playlist. Those of us who are more partial to metal may have to look elsewhere. Let’s break down the top tracks on this playlist that I feel would be perfect for any workout. Overall, this mix is great for knocking out that thirty minute cardio session. I don’t think that it would be very motivating for weightlifting, more on that in a second!
Top Tracks: Want to Want Me – Jason Derulo, Anaconda – Nicki Minaj, Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon

2nd Playlist – Rock Out Your Workout
I’ve always been more partial to rock music, I’ll admit that. I still can love and appreciate a catchy pop song like anyone else. However, when I’m moving heavy objects, there is something about loud vocals, a good beat, and a distorted guitar that motivate me like nothing else. Our second playlist is certainly geared more to the rock crowd and they’ve included some classics on here. A good mixture of sounds from the past and present, I would consider this playlist to be one I would regularly throw on.
Top Tracks: Bulls on Parade – Rage Against the Machine, War Pigs – Black Sabbath, Down with the Sickness – Disturbed, The Red – Chevelle

3rd Playlist – Heavy Lifting
This is where you’re in that zone, that you have to crank the sound up. Featuring some of the best heavy metal tracks of the last twenty years, this playlist should be listened to loudly! You’ll have 29 different songs to give you that extra push to carry on and finish that last set. If you feel that the other playlists on this list aren’t strong enough for you, welcome to your new favorite playlist. There is a great mixture of different bands here, allowing you rock out while enjoying some great variety.

Top Tracks: Hail to the King – Avenged Sevenfold, Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace, Sail – DevilDriver

There are three playlists, all from Amazon Music, to get you started working out with their music selection. If you have Amazon Prime, you have this service, you just might not know about it. Best of all, if you are a prime member, this service is added on to your subscription, at no extra charge. Check out the app, while they don’t have the largest music selection (yet), there is still plenty to love about Amazon Music. There are new playlists being added to this service every week, seriously, so if you don’t find anything on this list that you like, give it time! Be sure to leave a like or comment about this story on our social media page. If I know that all of my readers dug this, I will be more likely to throw up another one on other workout playlists, featuring genres I haven’t covered yet.

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