New Plan to Get the Most from My Workouts

Recently, I came up with a lifting schedule that has been great for adding on some muscle. I figured that I should share this with anyone that is interested. Feel free to change this to your liking, as I know you might not be able to do some of these exercises. Primarily, I have noticed that I have added the most muscle to my back and arms. I will be continuing to change this up, based on where I see areas that need work. When we are talking about the bigger muscles in our body, this is where you have the freedom to add more weight. I tried to make these workouts balanced between strength and conditioning. I have never been a big fan of focusing too much on one goal over the other. I try to find (or make) something that will be able to let my muscles grow bigger, while also being able to gain strength. I think that by gaining both strength and size, this will make your next workout that much easier. This plan will not be the easiest one to follow, but I can say that it is one of the best for pure advancements.

Let’s take it from the top, for shoulders, you want to keep the reps higher and not use an insane amount of weight. The reason being is that your shoulders are, as you might be able to tell, not the best showing of how strong you are. For my upper back, I always use heavy weights and a medium amount of reps. I am someone who has a back that will continue to grow, if this doesn’t sound like you, feel free to replace this with higher reps, at a low weight.

You may see that some parts that you lift with are not in this plan. If so, substitute some exercises that don’t fly with you and replace a couple with what does! With lifting in this style, you want to make sure that you eat well during your time using this routine. I am never someone who stays super strict on their dieting, so just do the best that you can. Needless to say, if you are better at watching what you eat than I am, expect to get even more from these workouts than I did. For example, I usually don’t do anything with my abdominals, although I have seen it in a lot of other plans. This is not due to an injury, or anything like that, I just find that I don’t have the time to give my abs the attention that I need.

Some of the days that you will be lifting will be longer than others. I did this, to help me still be able to complete the workouts that I needed to during the week. I am someone that just has too much going to spend an hour and a half throughout the week treading through long amounts of time lifting. Best of all, this is something of a myth in the fitness community, the longer time you spend working out DOES NOT mean that you are going to get that much more muscle. Usually, the body only really needs thirty minutes to an hour of physical activity. Sometimes, anything over an hour of working out can actually be detrimental for you. Keep these tips in mind when you start this plan and you will have a great time, as long as you do not have a problem with getting sweaty! Also, pictured below is a great way to find some reasonable substitutes, if the exercises I mentioned are not doable.


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