Bad Form: When Weightlifting Becomes Dangerous

I was recently looking around the gym where I saw many instances of bad form. Having bad form doesn’t just mean some guy writes about you in a random article. Not practicing the right form can lead to some very bad situations you don’t want to find yourself in. The lucky weightlifters who practice bad form learn from it and change their ways. The unlucky ones probably will never lift weights again.

The bench press is definitely something you need to prepare for. There are so many things that can go wrong while bench pressing that you have to take proper precautions. I recommend that you have both ends of your barbell secured. Changing weight amounts on one side can lead to the other being too weighed down. Before you know it, all of the weights slide to one side and you have to deal with a mess. You must remember that weighted objects move fast. You don’t want to have a weighted barbell going at light speed towards your face, ouch.

You definitely want to take proper safety precautions while doing squats. Preparing for a squat means getting under a bar, not the safest place to be standing. What I recommend is that you always work with a squatting weight you can handle. The time for maxing out is either when you have a power rack or a few spotters (depending on how much squat). Read infographic about squats, reread it, and then print it out. That’s how serious I am about doing squats the right way.

I wanted to give a shout out to the awesome people at Stack. The cool infographic seen above can be found at: I highly recommend that you check out this website, as it has a ton of information. I’m so glad that infographic like the one above are made to help out people. I’ve been one of those weightlifters that miraculously has never gotten hurt. I urge everyone to be extra safe while in the gym. If you see someone lifting incorrectly, let them know in a nice way. You can tell someone there are lifting incorrectly without coming off as a total jerk.

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